Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor: The Secret Menu Item to Try

Savor the bold flavors of Chipotle's Chicken Al Pastor, a tantalizing blend of adobo, morita peppers, and pineapple. Try it today!

Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor
Chipotle chicken al pastor is a delicious dish inspired by traditional Mexican cuisine. It typically consists of marinated chicken cooked with spices like chipotle peppers, garlic, cumin, and paprika, often served with pineapple for a sweet and savory flavor combination. It's a flavorful and satisfying dish that's perfect for tacos, burritos, or bowls.

Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor

My recent gastronomic escapade led me to the doorstep of Chipotle Mexican Grill, where a groundbreaking addition to their menu awaited: the savory and irresistible Chipotle's Chicken Al Pastor.

Al Pastor, a beloved Mexican dish with a storied history, which is traditionally prepared with marinated pork cooked on a vertical spit, Chipotle's Chicken Al Pastor puts a modern twist on this classic favorite, offering a lighter yet equally flavorful alternative.

Chipotle's Chicken Al Pastor, a limited-time offering available worldwide, has taken the international food scene by storm. Inspired by the rapid rise of al pastor as a culinary favorite, Chipotle crafted a unique rendition that promises to delight taste buds and captivate hearts across the globe.

Made with humanely and Responsibly Raised® chicken, Chipotle's Chicken Al Pastor boasts a tantalizing marinade of adobo, morita peppers, and ground achiote, elevated with a splash of pineapple and a hint of fresh lime. The result? A harmonious blend of smoky, spicy, and citrusy notes that dance on the palate with each succulent bite.

Prepared in small batches throughout the day, Chipotle's Chicken Al Pastor is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and authenticity. The chicken, grilled to perfection, exudes a tantalizing aroma that beckons diners to embark on a culinary adventure like no other.

As I took my first bite of Chipotle's Chicken Al Pastor, I was immediately struck by the explosion of flavors dancing on my palate. The succulent chicken, marinated in a tangy blend of chipotle peppers, pineapple, and traditional Mexican spices, was a harmonious fusion of smoky, sweet, and spicy notes—a true testament to the culinary artistry of the chefs behind the dish.

Chipotle's decision to launch Chicken Al Pastor simultaneously across all 3,200+ company-owned restaurants worldwide speaks volumes about the dish's universal appeal. From the bustling streets of the U.S. to the charming bistros of France, food enthusiasts everywhere can savor the flavors of Chipotle's latest masterpiece.

Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor Recipe


  • Chicken: The main protein in the dish, chicken provides a tender and juicy base for the Al Pastor.
  • Adobo: A versatile marinade or sauce commonly used in Mexican cuisine, adobo adds depth of flavor and helps tenderize the chicken.
  • Morita Peppers: Dried and smoked chipotle peppers with a rich, smoky flavor and moderate heat, contributing to the dish's aroma and spiciness.
  • Ground Achiote: A spice derived from annatto seeds, ground achiote adds color and subtle flavor to the chicken.
  • Pineapple: Provides sweetness to balance out the savory and spicy flavors, adding juiciness and helping to tenderize the chicken.
  • Fresh Lime: Adds brightness and acidity to the marinade, enhancing the overall flavor profile and tenderizing the meat.
  • Hand-Chopped Cilantro: Sprinkled over the finished dish as a garnish, cilantro adds freshness, color, and citrusy flavor.
  • Salt: A crucial seasoning ingredient that enhances the natural flavors of the chicken and other ingredients, balancing the flavors and bringing out the savory notes.

Inspired by my encounter with Chipotle's Chicken Al Pastor, I was determined to recreate the magic in my own kitchen. Armed with authentic ingredients and a newfound appreciation for Mexican cuisine, I set out to replicate the flavors of the dish, infusing each step of the cooking process with passion and precision.


To make Chipotle's Chicken Al Pastor, start by marinating the chicken in a flavorful mixture of adobo, morita peppers, ground achiote, pineapple, fresh lime juice, and salt.

Allow the chicken to marinate for at least 30 minutes to allow the flavors to meld together and tenderize the meat. Once marinated, grill the chicken until it is cooked through and slightly charred on the edges, imparting a smoky flavor.

Finally, garnish the Chicken Al Pastor with hand-chopped cilantro for a fresh burst of flavor.

For a detailed recipe with ingredient measurements and a step-by-step guide, check out the full recipe on our website here.


Chipotle's Chicken Al Pastor is incredibly versatile and can be served in a variety of ways to suit different preferences.

One popular option I can suggest is to serve it as a filling for tacos, where the tender and flavorful chicken is wrapped in warm tortillas and topped with fresh salsa, diced onions, and creamy avocado slices.

Another delicious serving option is to feature the Chicken Al Pastor in a burrito or burrito bowl, accompanied by cilantro-lime rice, black beans, roasted vegetables, and a drizzle of tangy chipotle sauce.

So, for a lighter option, consider serving the Chicken Al Pastor over a bed of crisp salad greens, tossed with corn, tomatoes, and a zesty lime vinaigrette.

Additionally, the Chicken Al Pastor can be paired with traditional Mexican sides such as refried beans, Mexican street corn (elote), or homemade guacamole for a complete and satisfying meal. Whether enjoyed as a taco, burrito, bowl, or salad, Chipotle's Chicken Al Pastor promises to be a delicious and memorable addition to any dining experience.

Tips and Recommendations

For the perfect Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor experience, there are a few tips and recommendations to keep in mind.

First, marinate the chicken for at least 30 minutes to allow the flavors to fully develop and the meat to tenderize. When grilling the chicken, aim for a medium-high heat to achieve a nice char on the outside while keeping the inside juicy and flavorful.

To add extra depth of flavor, consider adding additional spices or ingredients to the marinade, such as smoked paprika, cumin, or Mexican oregano.

For those who prefer a milder dish, you can adjust the amount of morita peppers or omit them altogether. Additionally, feel free to get creative with serving suggestions and variations.

Try serving the Chicken Al Pastor with different toppings such as pickled onions, cotija cheese, or avocado crema for added texture and flavor. For a vegetarian or vegan twist, you can swap the chicken for marinated tofu or roasted vegetables.

Everything You Need to Know About Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor

Chipotle's Chicken Al Pastor has taken the culinary world by storm, captivating taste buds with its bold flavors and savory appeal. As a popular menu item at Chipotle Mexican Grill, it's no surprise that diners have questions about this delicious dish.

1. What is Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor?

Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor is a flavorful protein option offered at Chipotle Mexican Grill. It features marinated chicken cooked with adobo, morita peppers, ground achiote, pineapple, and fresh lime juice, resulting in a tantalizing blend of smoky, spicy, and citrusy flavors.

2. What makes Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor unique?

Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor stands out for its bold flavor profile and sophisticated preparation. It combines traditional Mexican ingredients with Chipotle's signature flair, resulting in a dish that is both familiar and exciting.

3. Is Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor spicy?

While Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor does have some heat from the morita peppers, it is not overwhelmingly spicy. The level of spiciness can be adjusted to suit individual preferences by adjusting the amount of peppers used in the marinade.

4. How is Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor prepared?

Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor is prepared by marinating chicken in a mixture of adobo, morita peppers, ground achiote, pineapple, fresh lime juice, and salt. The chicken is then grilled until cooked through and slightly charred, imparting a smoky flavor.

5. Can I customize my Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor order?

Yes, Chipotle offers a range of customization options for their Chicken Al Pastor dish. Diners can choose to enjoy it in a burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos, and customize their order with a variety of toppings and sides.

6. Is Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor gluten-free?

Yes, Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor is gluten-free when enjoyed without flour tortillas or other gluten-containing ingredients. However, diners with gluten sensitivities should be cautious of cross-contamination risks in the kitchen.

7. How long will Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor be available?

Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor is typically offered as a limited-time menu item, so its availability may vary depending on location and promotional schedules. It's best to check with your local Chipotle restaurant for current availability.

8. Can I order Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor for delivery?

Yes, Chipotle offers delivery options for their Chicken Al Pastor dish. Customers can place orders through the Chipotle app or website and have their meals delivered directly to their doorstep.

9. What are some recommended sides to enjoy with Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor?

Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor pairs well with a variety of sides, including cilantro-lime rice, black beans, roasted vegetables, and guacamole. These sides complement the flavors of the Chicken Al Pastor and create a satisfying meal.

10. How many calories are in Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor?

The calorie content of Chipotle Chicken Al Pastor can vary depending on serving size and toppings. For specific nutritional information, including calorie counts, customers can refer to Chipotle's online nutrition calculator or inquire with restaurant staff.

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